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UA New Construction

Over 20 years ago, everything on UA’s campus was placed on a master plan, and the ballfields were a part of that plan. Taking a look back at what all has been accomplished over the last 20 years has us in awe of the hard work, dedication and community support we’ve had to be able to make our dreams and the dreams of our founders come to life.

Everything we do at UA and through the Foundation, we do it for our students.

We remember Ken Stanley, beloved father, teacher, coworker, mentor, and friend, through the naming of this new ballpark. We are proud that generations to come will know the name Ken Stanley through the naming of this ballpark, The Ken Stanley Memorial Ballpark.

A HUGE thank you to our partners in this project, Myers & Chapman, who are again managing this project for us so that the vision turns into reality.

Help us complete our athletic facilities!