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We Are UA!

The Union Academy Foundation raises money to build tangible things, like school buildings and parking lots, ball fields and playgrounds. And while it is easy to see those physical things and make a logical correlation to funding, we know that logic really doesn’t drive our mission.

But what does? Love, plain and simple. Love for our own children and grandchildren, nieces and nephews, friends and neighbors. We want to provide a wonderful learning environment for these children to help them succeed in life. Educated young people are also essential to the future of our community and the world at large. We are here to do something that matters. Each of us in our own way is leaving a legacy.

When you financially support Union Academy Foundation, you are leaving a legacy. When you volunteer your time, make in-kind donations or purchase a school sweatshirt, you are taking action that makes an impact. While you are here in this life for many reasons, we are glad UAF is one of them.

Core Values


We are transparent with our finances while also maintaining confidentiality. Our decision-making is guided by an unwavering moral compass.


We strive for the Foundation to be a national model for schools and nonprofits. We celebrate successes but know that there is always more to be done. We are innovative and cutting edge in our approach to fundraising.


We prioritize meaningful partnerships within the community and consider the impact of our actions on UA families and the community at large.

Union Academy Foundation Board 2022-2023


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