“We are UA” Annual Appeal – Why support it?

Union Academy is a public charter school. By law, charter schools do NOT receive any funding for buildings. Traditional public school systems DO receive building funding which is approximately $1500 more per student than charter schools.

Union Academy primarily uses state, local and federal funds for the cost of instruction and operations and then a small portion of what is left goes towards building related costs. The Annual Appeal and other Foundation fundraising monies help reduce the debt the school takes on by making the down payment on new buildings. Every dollar donated is one less dollar borrowed.


There Are Two Ways To Give

  1. Make a donation using our secure online site.
    Must make a minimum donation of $20 per student to receive a t-shirt. 

  2. Fill out the 2020-2021 We Are UA Annual Appeal and return it to the Foundation Office.

We are once again offering Foundation Family Membership Options with various incentives attached.  To view these options, see the above 2020-2021 T-Shirt Appeal Flyer and flip to the last page.  

For questions about the appeal or how to make a difference, please contact the Foundation Office at 704-238-9879.

Frequently asked questions

How does UA bridge the gap of funding?

Union Academy must do more with less. The UA Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to provide financial support for Union Academy Charter School. Of the Foundation’s fundraisers, the two largest are:

“We are UA” Annual Appeal – raises approximately $160,000 each year

Ultimate Auction – raises approximately $300,000 each year

The funding provided from the fundraisers combined with the debt burdened by the school has provided buildings and capital assets (technology and instructional tools). The purpose of the Annual Appeal is to assist in reducing the debt incurred when we improve OUR campus.

What is the school’s financial position?

Union Academy is financially strong, yet we still have a continual financial challenge created by the gap of funding between public charter and traditional public school. Union Academy allocates and budgets conservatively so that we do more with less. The financial position of the school is always available to all Union Academy community members.

What is the Foundation’s role in providing buildings?

The Foundation’s purpose and mission is to stand behind the school and be ready to assist with its financial needs and to provide vision regarding the facility needs of the school. The Foundation pays the down payments on new buildings and guarantees the bank loans. The Foundation is the “landlord” that owns the buildings. Union Academy leases the facilities from the Foundation for a nominal fee and currently pays 100% of the debt service out of its operating budget.

Why do buildings matter?

The Foundation assisted the high school expansion as well as the new administration building and lower school building. We recently completed building the new gym, fine arts center and playground. In the evolution of the Union Academy, the Foundation will continue to lead future building projects. In order to meet these goals, we need long-term support from our parents by investing in our school through the Annual Appeal and other fundraisers.

Why give to the Foundation rather than the school?

Union Academy is chosen by families because we are an alternative to traditional public school. We need our families to volunteer their time and give financial support. Private school tuition can exceed $10,000 per year per student AND IS NOT TAX DEDUCTIBLE. Giving to the Foundation helps Union Academy to continue to grow and for generations to follow. As an example, your gift of $100 could actually cost $60 on an after tax basis. Giving to the Foundation is tax deductible and benefits the quality education your children receive.

What and when should I give?

The “We are UA” Annual Appeal begins each year in July. Most families give surrounding pay dates and bonuses. We can accommodate whatever works for your financial situation. Parents, grandparents, employers can give all year long by pledging weekly, monthly or once a year. We ask that you give at the level of giving that is meaningful to you. Each family has different circumstances when it comes to giving. Gifts of any size make a direct difference in the lives of our students.

Giving to the Annual Appeal gives you the control of what is affordable for your budget and again it is TAX DEDUCTIBLE! $25/week equals $100/month or $1,200/year – this equates to giving up a weekly Starbucks visit. $50/week is $200/month or $2,400/year – this equates to giving up eating out once a week.

Double your donation! Contact your employer to see if they have a matching gift program.

What will my gift be used for?

Your gift will be used for various educational needs and our to assist in our next project, building multi-use fields.

What is this years goal?

The 2020-2021 We Are UA Annual Appeal goal is $160,000. The “We are UA” Annual Appeal goal is that every parent at UA will rise up and support our school for our children’s academic success. The Foundation exists because parents support all fundraising efforts for the students of Union Academy. Over the years, all building and financial support have been accomplished because parents and the community gave to what they believed in; the vision and mission of Union Academy. Let’s keep the legacy strong. Together, we can make a difference!