Other ways to give



Matching Gifts

Double your donation!  Contact your employer to see if they have a matching gift program.  You can also Click Here to download a list of our current matching gift companies.

 Planned Giving & Memorial Gift

A gift in honor or memory of a loved one allows you to recognize and honor someone who has touched your and or your family’s life in a special way. Your gift will in turn touch the lives of UA students for many years to come. You can share in UA’s vision for tomorrow by Remembering or honoring a Loved One Today…

Memorial Gift

A Memorial Gift to UAF is a thoughtful remembrance of someone special who has influenced your life or a member of your family. What better way to honor that special person or family than giving a gift of love in their name to the students of UAF. After all, Children are our future.

Planned Giving

One of the most powerful and philanthropic tools available to Union Academy Foundation is planned giving. The benefits of planned giving include tax savings, increased income, and providing for heirs, but it also benefits UAF at the same time.

What is planned giving? Planned giving includes a variety of philanthropic strategies that help you provide for UAF while also advancing your own financial and personal objectives. Making a planned gift is a special way to support UAF because it allows you to donate assets, yet defer the time we actually receive them. The best gift plans improve the donor’s financial and tax situation, often right away. The simplest one is a bequest in your will. We strongly recommend you consult with your attorney or tax advisor as you research the most appropriate way to remember UAF in your will or estate plans.

Planned Giving Options

Donor would like to make a substantial gift to UAF, but doesn’t have sufficient assets to provide a large gift during their lifetime because of concerns regarding health costs or other potential unknown costs. A bequest allows the donor to make a substantial gift, often many times their capacity during their lifetime.

Donor owns a large policy or several policies, not all of which is needed to fund estate requirements. Make a gift of the policy and allow UAF to choose cash value or death benefit, or designate UAF as the beneficiary.

Donor owns appreciated assets. The assets are low growth, low dividend, or both. Donor does not wish to pay capital gains tax, but would like to create more current income from assets. A gift to a CRT or CGA avoids capital gains taxes and estate taxes, provides income to designated beneficiaries, and the remainder to Union Academy Foundation

Donor owns substantial assets, and would like to pass them to the next generation at low tax cost. A charitable lead trust pays income to UAF for a period of years, then the remainder to family members. By paying to a charity, a much lower imputed value is passed to the family members, avoiding tax on the marginal difference in value.

A gift toUAF avoids estate, gift and capital gains taxes, and provides an income tax deduction Collections of artwork, antiques, or other personal property. Gifts of personal property can provide tax deductions while not substantially reducing the value of an estate.

For more information about making a planned gift to Union Academy Foundation, please e-mail jenna.westbrook@weareua.org.