Be A Stanley T-shirtKen Stanley had a nickname for everyone. His cartwheels are legendary.  He was never scared to have a chair race down the hall.  He would willingly take a pie in the face or host a game at a character assembly.  He was a coach, and he wasn’t afraid to correct kids to help make them better.  

Ken found his calling.  Teaching IS a calling – a true gift that comes from the heart.  And no one gave more than Ken Stanley.  Kids were able to go on field trips because of him; they had school supplies and lunch and never knew where it came from.  Students might remember some of the curriculum they are taught, but they will ALWAYS remember how we made them feel.  And Ken made sure every kid felt special.

Ken Stanley will always hold a special place in our hearts and will never be forgotten.  Our #BeAStanley t-shirts will remind us to be the “I” in kind like Ken.  Proceeds from t-shirt sales will go to build the new Ken Stanley Memorial Ballpark at Union Academy.

Thank you for your support.